How to check the model of Dell laptop – Technobezz

How to check the model of Dell laptop – Technobezz

Back in 1984 in Texas, Dell computers was founded by Michael Dell and it later grew to be a multinational company through developing, repairing and selling computers. With its unique business model of building computers for their clients, they were offering something personal and unique, and this made them stand out.

The company launched its first laptop in 1989 and hasn’t slowed down since. Should you happen to own one of these gadgets, there are a few reasons that would warrant you to know what model you have in your possession. It could be that you need to find out its features or, you could need help from the company’s support team over the phone or, you could just want to accessorize it.

There are a few ways to check on the model type of your Dell laptop.

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Checking the laptop

The first way is to check the model type on the computer itself. There is usually a marker located on the bottom side of the laptop. And if it’s not on the bottom, you can find it on the battery slot, the screen or even on the keyboard.

Still, on this sticker, you will find the model number information. Note that this is not to be mistaken for the serial number.

Checking through Dell Support App

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