How to fix greyed-out apps on the Apple TV – AppleInsider

How to fix greyed-out apps on the Apple TV – AppleInsider

  It’s not the most annoying bug on Apple devices, because it doesn’t actually stop you doing anything. Yet, sometimes one, two or almost all of the apps on your Apple TV turn grey and can’t be selected for no apparent reason. Here’s why it happens, and how to fix it.

Almost every app here is greyed-out and yet every single one works as normal.

In every other case across the entire Apple ecosystem, if something is greyed-out, you can’t use it. On Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, a greyed-out app is simply an app that happens to be grey. You can still launch it exactly as you ever did and not one single function is in any way impaired.

There is one small potential problem hidden behind the greyness, but really the only issue is that it looks ugly. Here’s all you have to do to fix it:

  • Got to Settings on your Apple TV
  • Choose System
  • Click on Restart

In our experience, that fixes it permanently, but some users report that the problem reoccurs. If it does, the solution remains the same —restart yet again.

Go to Settings, System, and choose Restart

What’s going on?

Apple has not commented on this issue so we cannot be certain what’s behind it. But we can be reasonably sure about how it happens —and why you shouldn’t just leave the apps greyed out.

It appears to be connected to apps being