Rugby Player At Heart Of Sports Insurance Tech Startup –

Rugby Player At Heart Of Sports Insurance Tech Startup –

With all the talk about how USA Rugby, and the different groups within American rugby, are changing, and especially with the rarely-discussed issues of insurance, liability, and a global pandemic, it’s reasonable for people to find themselves scrambling for answers.

There are experts, industry veterans, and people who sat next to an insurance broker on an airplane that one time who all have opinions. And it’s not just about regular old liability insurance or injury insurance, or whether you can get the cheapest rate for your team, league, organization, or USA Rugby as a whole.

It’s also about navigating the ever-changing world of regulations, standards, and protecting coaches, players, referees, and administrators—not to mention the complications posed by COVID-19.

Swimming in this strong current of the sports insurance world is a rugby guy. Chris Pesigan is a co-founder at Players Health, and a former rugby player at the University of Notre Dame.

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Players Health started from the experiences of founder and CEO Tyrre Burks, Pesigan as his co-founder, and other members of the company in playing college, recreational, and professional sports. Burks played football at Winona State, while Pesigan was a rugby player throughout high school and at the University of Notre Dame. Pesigan has been a rugby player for the last 12 years playing for the St. Louis Druids (now St. Louis University High School), University of Notre Dame in college, and the Krakens Men’s Team from Lake Michigan. Over the past couple of years, the passion