You Can’t Find a Laptop. Now What? – The New York Times

You Can’t Find a Laptop. Now What? – The New York Times

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It’s not just you. It’s tough to find a computer right now for yourself or (especially) your child.

Americans went on a home electronics-buying craze spurred by the pandemic, and it has lasted for far longer than anyone predicted. Manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up. Now, as children start returning to classrooms — in person or virtually — the computers popular for school have been in particularly short supply.

There are ways to cope with this. You might have to hunt around, be flexible about what you buy and consider alternatives like buying a used computer or reviving one on its last legs.

Basically, buying computers is like most things during this pandemic: We have to muddle through as best we can. And that’s if you can afford a computer and access the internet for school at all. This digital divide is a crisis.

First, you can’t find a computer because a ton of Americans are splurging on just about every category of