Fintech Focus Roundup For October 17, 2020 – Benzinga

Fintech Focus Roundup For October 17, 2020 – Benzinga

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Meet, The App That’s Disrupting Hedge Funds

The Nitty-Gritty: Though trading apps like Robinhood democratize financial markets, they don’t allow investors the tools to properly manage investments.

That’s according to Stephen Mathai-Davis, a former institutional investment manager who founded (formerly known as Quantamize) in 2017 as an AI-driven robo hedge fund that brings the investment management industry into the 21st century.

Through Invest, whose Alpha was just released, taps into the $25 trillion fund management industry through the use of machine-learning algorithms and multi-factor models, unlocking AI-driven investment in nearly 13,000 global stocks and ETFs, as well as over 100 cryptocurrencies. A Beta version of the investing app is set to launch in the next few weeks to the general public.

How Orca Enables Responsible Investing

The Problem: Traditional solutions for investing are often barebones, failing to provide users the tools to build and protect long-term wealth.

The Solution: Orca, a European-based investment app founded to address the needs of medium- to long-term investors with little or no experience in the market.

In the simplest way possible: Orca enables all investors the tools to understand and manage their investments.

“Just giving access is not enough,” said CPO Fedor Panteleev. “You need to help people along the way because the investment journey is unique. It’s a medium- to long-term relationship with the app you can trust.”


Growing Your Portfolio Post-Election

What Happened: Emles Advisors, an asset