Where to sell your cellphone online – Los Angeles Times

Where to sell your cellphone online – Los Angeles Times

Did Apple’s recent product launch event convince you that you want a new iPhone, but you aren’t sure how you’re going to pay for it? Consider selling your old phone. The best sites to sell a cellphone will either buy your phone outright or help you sell it directly to someone. A late-model smartphone can command hundreds of dollars, dramatically offsetting the cost of getting a new device.

However, the amount you’ll receive and the ease of selling a used smartphone vary based on the device you’re selling and the site you use to market it. If the phone is “locked” — usable only with a specific wireless carrier — that can also affect the price.

Which are the best sites to use? SideHusl’s editors took a look at 10 options. This is what we found.

Selling directly

It’s no surprise that if you sell directly to a consumer, you’re likely to get more money than if you sell to a wholesaler. After all, wholesalers need to turn around and resell the phone for a profit. When you sell directly, there’s no middleman to take a cut.


The downside to selling direct, of course, is there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your listing price. And you have to spend the time to find a buyer, negotiate terms, ship the phone and collect payment. That said, a SideHusl analysis indicates that you could get